Apex Legends: Old Ways Event Update, Duos, Patch Notes, And More

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The highly anticipated Old Ways has landed in Apex Legends, bringing with it, Kings Canyon, permanent duos, a slew of new cosmetics, and some interesting, new creatures to the World's Edge map.

These are the official patch notes.


Apex Legends Old Ways event patch notes:

New event: Old Ways Lore:

  • New Town Takeover - Bloodhound’s Trials
  • Exclusive Event Prize Track
  • Direct Purchase ShopNew Event Limited Cosmetics
  • Return of Legendary Hunt Skins

Permanent Duos playlist added:

  • Duos and Trios will now be available to select permanently.

Permanent map rotation:

  • Play either King's Canyon or World's Edge in a permanent map rotation.



Legend and Weapon balancing:


  • Reduced headshot scale from 2.0 -> 1.75.
  •  Reduced leg shot scale from 0.9 -> 0.75.
  •  Slightly reduced projectile speed.


  • LSTAR will reset its viewkick pattern much more quickly to avoid horizontal recoil feeling like it goes in an unpredictable direction while feathering the trigger.
  • Reduced time before overheat 2.4 -> 2.2 (25 shots -> 23 shots)


  • Increased headshot damage multiplier from 2.05 -> 3.0. Now it should always down a target with a headshot, even if they are a fortified character with a level 3 helmet and a full evo shield.


  • Reduced ammo per pickup from 10 -> 8
  • Reduced inventory stack size from 20 -> 16


  •  Limb shots on Low-Profile Legends now deal as much damage as body shots.


  • Player feedback that Revenant wasn't feeling viable enough has been loud and clear and game data showed the same. Our goal is to bring his effectiveness up to parity with other Legends.


  • Increased duration of status effect from 10s -> 20s
  • Silence now disables Gibraltar’s Gun Shield.
  • Increased the duration of area of effect from 5s -> 10s
  • Silence has 2 charges now


  • Characters are now respawned with 50 health (or whatever health they had when they activated it, if lower) instead of 1


  •  New secondary passive: Lifeline can access secret compartments with more loot on Blue Bins.
  • Blue bins are found randomly replacing ordinary bins. These rare bins will have a secondary compartment that only Lifeline can open.The secondary compartment will always contain some mixture of health items, weapon attachments and knockdown shields.


  •  Portals will now disappear after four seconds if both ends are outside the Circle. This change was made to combat players exploiting the Portal to avoid taking damage outside the Ring.


  •  Reduced the amount of damage required to evolve.

Blue Armor damage requirement reduced from 100 -> 75Purple Armor damage requirement reduced from 300 -> 150Red Armor damage requirement reduced from 500 -> 400

Kings Canyon and Kings Canyon After Dark

  •  Increase to the total amount of loot items that spawn in the map.


  • Fixed bug for cases where matches results would not process correctly after players were disconnected.
  • Fixes for some script errors.
  • Fixed bug for cases where taller Legends could get stuck in geometry after using Wraith’s portal.
  • Fixed bug for cases where players that were under Revenant’s Death Protection could still be healed by Lifeline’s D.O.C. drone and Wattson’s Interceptor Pylon.
  •  Fixed a bug where mantling with Wraith would cause the camera to clip through the character.
  • [PS4]Fixed lighting in some interior areas on World’s Edge that were appearing too dark.
  •  Fixed bug where sometimes players would lose aim assist after being hit by Revenant’s Silence ability.
  • Fix for cases where players would not receive assist credit when using Crypto’s Drone to scan enemies.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes players could hear and in rare cases, be hit by Revenant’s abilities while in the Firing Range when he’s not there.
  • Fix for some cases where the Circle would end in a bad or invalid location.
  • Fix to help reduce cases of invisible doors.
  • Fixed issue with Bangalore’s Viceroy skin where the legs were showing the wrong skin while mantling.
  •  Fixed bug for cases when Revenant places his ULT Death Totem on the train, a player is respawned to it while on the train, and the train is moving, the player could be respawned somewhere else on the map or even off the map.
  •  Energize charge for the Sentinel Sniper rifle can now be cancelled with Y or Triangle button.
  •  Fixed bug for cases where Dive Trails were visible before exiting the Drop Ship.
  •  Fixes for map bug related to exploitable hiding spots and bad geo.