Apex Legends Dark Depths Event Release Date: Map, Patch Notes and Skins

Apex Legends Dark Depths Event is the first time-limited in-game event of 2022. It brings a brand new arenas map called Habitat 4, the breeding ground of the gargantuan Leviathans. There will be new cosmetics and over 40 themed items to get your hands on throughout the event. Here's everything we know so far about the Dark Depths event.

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Apex Legends Dark Depths Event

Release Date

The Dark Depths event runs in-game from January 11th, 2022 to February 1st, 2022.

New Map

As part of the event, Arenas is getting a brand new map called Habitat 4. Habitat 4 is part of the New Antilla Archipelago and is the smallest of all of the islands. It's the breeding grounds of the Leviathans (the dinosaur-like creatures that can be found in and around Kings Canyon).

Apex Legends Dark Depths Event Habitat 4 Arena Map Cave POI Artwork
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The layout of the map sounds like it will be a great one for those of you that enjoy using sliding and ambush tactics during fights. The natural waterfall on the island has eroded areas of it, creating lots of little sections where you can slide past and surprise the opposing team. According to this Apex Blog Post, there are two particular points of interest that you should check out. The Cave and The Nest are on opposite sides of Habitat 4. The Nest is filled with unhatched Leviathan eggs and the Cave offers cover from long-range attacks.


As with most new time-limited events in Apex, Dark Depths brings new skins and cosmetics for some of your favourite Legends. So far, it seems that you will be able to purchase a Legendary Skin for Fuse, Lifeline, Horizon and Ash. Revenant has a new skin that you can obtain as the final reward for the 3rd Dark Depths Flash Event. A preview of the Dark Depths pack shows that both Wattson and Wraith each have new skins. Also, Caustic and Rampart can be seen wearing new skins in the event trailer.

If you aren't lucky enough to be rewarded any of the event skins, you can always craft them with crafting metals. There has been no official confirmation that all of the Legends will get new cosmetics but it's highly likely they all will when you look at previous events.

Apex Legends Dark Depths Event Ash Event Legendary Skin
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Flash Events

Flash Events run each week of the overall Dark Depths event. You can gain different rewards each week for completing tasks. The more you play and the more tasks you complete, the more points you will earn. These points will help you climb your way up through the reward chain to earn bigger and better rewards. Here's the breakdown of the main prizes for each event:

Flash Event 1: January 11th - January 18th

  • 250 Points: A Background
  • 1000 Points: Apex Pack
  • 1500 Points: 25 Crafting Metals
  • 2000 Points: Apex Pack
  • 3000 Points: Epic Holospray

Flash Event 2: January 18th - January 25th

  • 250 Points: 25 Crafting Metals
  • 1000 Points: Apex Pack
  • 1500 Points: Epic Holospray (Valkyrie)
  • 2000 Points: 25 Crafting Metals
  • 3000 Points: A Dark Depths Pack (themed Apex pack)

Flash Event 3: January 25th - February 1st

  • 250 Points: 25 Crafting Metals
  • 1250 Points: Epic Holospray (Revenant)
  • 2000 Points: Epic Alternator Skin
  • 3000 Points: Epic Revenant Skin

Event Packs

Event packs are like Apex Packs but they contain rewards that are solely tailored to and themed around that event. The Dark Depths packs contain cosmetics, skins and charms for the event. These packs are limited edition and can be purchased for 400 Apex Coins. If you buy a pack, you will gain an event item that you do not already have (non-dupe item). However, if the price is too much for you, you can always craft most of the themed items using crafting metals.

Event Trailer

You can watch the event trailer for Dark Depths below:

We will update this page as we learn more about the event.

Time-limited events happen throughout the year in Apex Legends. If you want to brush up on your skills before the next one begins, take a look at our guide on the best guns for this season. We also have a guide that shows you which Legend is the best one for the current season. After reading those, grab your favourite weapon and prepare to do battle in the Dark Depths!

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