Apex Legends Arenas Glitch Brings Unannounced Estates Map Into Rotation

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A new map has entered the Apex Legends Arenas rotation, and it appears that it's a glitch or accident, as it hasn't appeared in any Respawn communication and is mysteriously absent from the Evolution Collection Event patch notes.

It is currently unknown whether the glitch happens in Apex Legends' ranked Arenas mode, but if you head to the Rampart Takeover of the 3v3 mode you can find the Estates map in rotation. You may have already noticed the glitch if you've been headed into the Overflow map, as when the game says Overflow is in rotation, you are actually taken to Estates. (If you really want to play Overflow, then jumping into a match when it says Oasis is in rotation will sort you out.)

The small buildings of Estates have autumn leaves at their feet.

Estates is an incredibly popular drop spot on Olympus in battle royale mode, and is always busy in Apex Legends' ranked mode as players endeavour to grab a bunch of early kill points.

The different height levels and buildings make for an interesting Arenas map - it plays more like Skull Town than any of the other maps in the mode.

Six golden weapons are shown in a menu, with the Estates POI greyed out in the background.

Rampart's Town Takeover and the Evolution Collection Event have created a lot of problems for Apex Legends, not least the fact that three times as many players as usual are encountering connection issues. This often manifests as running in slow-motion, seeing horrendous levels of lag, or being kicked out of matches and receiving error messages like Code: net. You can check the Apex Legends server status here, but a fix is only expected in the next patch.


Perhaps the next patch will also fix this issue with Rampart's glitched Arenas mode? Alternatively, it could just be fixed when Rampart's mode is removed at the end of the event. Either way, we think that Estates could become an official Arenas map in Apex Legends Season 11.