Apex Legends Mobile Kings Canyon - When Does It Launch?

Image of a grassy map in Apex Legends Mobile.

Image of a grassy map in Apex Legends Mobile.

Are you excited to play the Apex Legends Mobile Kings Canyon map? You may have to wait slightly longer in certain modes, based on new information arriving just before the game's launch. As such, we're here to explain how to play the Kings Legacy map, so you can fully understand its launch strategy.

In this Apex Legends Mobile guide, we'll run through all the latest information we have regarding the release date of the Kings Legacy map. It seems to be arriving in some modes before others, so be braced for a slightly confusing release schedule for this one particular map in the much-anticipated mobile FPS.

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When Is Kings Canyon Releasing in Apex Legends Mobile?

At the moment, Kings Canyon will still release in Apex Legends Mobile at launch on May 17, but in a limited capacity. Initially, it was meant to be playable in all the game modes, including Battle Royale, Team Deathmatch, and Arenas mode. However, that has now changed, and King's Canyon won't be in Battle Royale at launch. Instead, just know that it's coming soon.

Fear not though, because you'll still be able to play the map in the other two modes at launch. Battle Royale is the only mode affected, and as such Team Deathmatch and Arenas lobbies will still have Kings Canyon within their rotation. It's unfortunate to be sure, but it's good to see that Kings Canyon will still be accessible in some capacity.

Why Was Kings Canyon Delayed in Apex Legends Mobile?

Simply put, it seems like the Kings Canyon map in Apex Legends Mobile just wasn't quite ready to handle the Battle Royale mode. As per Respawn themselves, the map "still needed some additional polish" after intitial testing.

It's unclear exactly what that means, but the chances are the Kings Canyon map wasn't quite ready to handle the exhaustive nature of a battle royale mode. While that's undoubtedly a shame, it's good to know that the map will still appear in the other game modes, so it's not like diehard fans are totally missing out.

That's it for our look at the changes to the Kings Canyon map in Apex Legends Mobile! While we have to wait just a bit longer until we can play the map in Battle Royale mode, it'll be on its way very soon. In the meantime, feel free to check out our Apex Legends Mobile weapons tier list.

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