09 Jul 2021 8:21 PM +00:00

What to Expect from Animal Crossing Halloween 2021

Animal Crossing Halloween 2021 is almost upon us, but with this year seeing few and modest Animal Crossing updates so far, what we'll see during the event is a bit of a mystery.

The first New Horizons Halloween event introduced pumpkins as a vegetable you could grow and then use the produce for crafting seasonal items.

These went on sale on October 1, and it's likely we'll see Animal Crossing pumpkins pop up once October rolls around again.

In keeping with the static nature of Animal Crossing holidays, Jack's time to shine on Halloween itself is probably also the same, with the self-proclaimed pumpkin king guzzling candy and giving out furniture just like last year.

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What to Expect from Animal Crossing Halloween 2021

However, New Horizons has already added several new holidays and updates since its release in March 2020.


It's always possible Nintendo could add more new features to spice up the Animal Crossing Halloween 2021 festivities.

Dataminers found evidence of multiple unused ideas, including additional vegetables and even a possible beach expansion.

None of this is Halloween related, of course. But Halloween updates could be part of Nintendo's plan to "absolutely" keep supporting Animal Crossing during the game's lifespan.