Animal Crossing New Horizons Datamine Info Points to Beach Expansion

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The latest round Animal Crossing New Horizons datamine information shows Nintendo could be doing something big with the south beach shoreline.

The news comes from New Horizons datamine group DodoCodes, who found it lumped in the recent New Horizons update alongside the May Day and wedding season information.

It’s just one small change, with mSouthShoreBaseline.f32: 500.00000 getting doubled to mSouthShoreBaseline.f32: 1000.00000.

The string name obviously refers to the island’s south beach shoreline, the one where the airport is, but the actual change it would enact is less certain.

DodoCodes didn’t speculate on what it could mean. Some fans believe it’s extending the south shoreline, while others think it relates to the camera function, which ultimately would change to accommodate a bigger beach.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons Datamine Info Points to Beach Expansion and More

A bigger beach could mean more room for buildings, or even the chance to place buildings on the sand.

Another popular theory, is that the extension relates to a new island south of your main one.

The camera settings function is a separate set of data from the shore size, inspiring dreams in some of a free-range camera island, though that would seem like a much bigger update than just making the shoreline bigger.

Whatever the case, it wasn’t the only new tidbit in the files.

References to the coffee shop and a new museum expansion returned, plus evidence of fence customization and new dialogue options when islanders are crafting items.

Whether all this would be part of Animal Crossing New Horizons update 2.0 or would be added in drips remains to be seen.


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[Source: DodoCodes]

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