Dead Space Was In-Demand For A Return, Says EA's CEO

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Following the confirmation of a Dead Space remake at EA Play Live, it's been announced that the game is being produced exclusively for next-gen systems. And it seems like EA is excited for the series' prospects, as the company's boss has highlighted the franchise's appeal by fans.

CEO Andrew Wilson discussed Electronics Arts' progress in the company's latest quarterly earnings call. Despite announcing the news that EA is doubling down on its live-service strategy for games like Apex Legends and DICE's forthcoming Battlefield 2042, Wilson discussed the futures of various single-player games, most notably the forthcoming Dead Space remake.


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Dead Space Was In-Demand For A Return, Says EA's CEO

Wilson clarifies that the remake is still in early development:

Having just provided a very small trailer on Dead Space, there's - or a sweet preview on Dead Space, there's no lot more I can share about that. It's a little ways out yet, but the studio has taken it on.

But the CEO did emphasize that there was a major request by fans to bring the cult horror series back:

What I can say is it's one of the great games from our catalog there has been extraordinary demand to bring it back for existing players and next generation of players, and we're excited to kind of add that to the portfolio over time. And we'll be able to share more as development continues. But I would just - I would close on that point by saying it was one of the most demanded titles for us, maybe just after Skate, which we've also announced we're bringing back, and the response was very positive to the announcement that we're back in development.

Even though the original creator of the first game, Glen Schofield, won't be part of the remake, the director is still "excited" for the remake. The reveal trailer even included an easter egg, paying homage to Schofield. Instead, the forthcoming project is being held by Assassin's Creed Valhalla's director, Eric Baptizat.