How To Queue For The Legion Timewalking Mage Tower

The Mage Tower is one of the most anticipated updates that comes with patch 9.1.5, where players who completed the challenges back in Legion can test themselves again, or new challengers can try out what they missed back in Legion.

Unlike most Timewalking events and similar features, players will need to travel to the Mage tower itself, but don't worry, there is no other requirement to queue for the Mage Tower like there was in Legion.

The Mage Tower can be found on the Broken Shore at Deliverance Point, just below Legions version of Dalaran.

Once there, talk to War Councilor Victoria, who will send your character to their current specializations challenge.

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How To Queue For The Legion Timewalking Mage Tower

Each specialization will be tasked with a separate challenge but to earn the basic rewards, a recolored tier 20 set for your class, only one challenge needs to be completed.

There are more rewards to be earned, as players who complete all 7 challenges across different characters will be awarded the Soaring Spelltome Mount to show off their Achievement.

Blizzard recently has made changes to restrict seasonal player power to ensure the longevity of the mage tower, as it will only be available once every 18 weeks after recent changes to the weekly event system.

Players are still pleading with Blizzard to make Timewalking a weekly rotation, and can possibly make it happen especially after Blizzard listened to all the feedback which has been implemented in patch 9.1.5.

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