World Of Warcraft Sylvanas Novel Delayed: Possible 9.2 Release Date Tied To It

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The upcoming Sylvanas novel has been delayed for the second time due to a "scheduling adjustment" says the author Christie Golden on Twitter.

Originally set for a November 9th release date, the novel was first pushed back to February 2022 in June and now is pushed back another month and will launch on the 29th of March 2022.

Many people expect heavy Shadowlands story spoilers in the novel, which is why the community has thought a release date of 9.2 will accompany the novel as it will continue the story of Sylvanas after patch 9.1, where she seemingly was returned her old soul from the Jailer at the end of the Sanctum of Domination raid.

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World Of Warcraft Sylvanas Novel Delayed: Possible 9.2 Release Date Tied To It

The cover of the novel shows the two sides of Sylvanas, her Banshee form and her original High Elf form, which appears to have just been returned to her, which is why players believe the novel directly will impact the next chapter of the Shadowlands.

If this is the case, it will mean not only was Shadowlands 9.0 the longest opening patch, but the wait for 9.2 will be even longer, as pointed out by Reddit user /RadicalGoodSpin.

The original November release date made a lot of sense for patch 9.2 at the start of the Shadowlands, but with constant delays throughout the expansion, it is no surprise that everything has been pushed back.

Many players even believe that there won't be a 9.3 patch this expansion, and the next expansion will be announced during Blizzconline, which also is expected early in 2022.

Players are still waiting for a patch 9.1.5 release date, with a November release expected by now, a march or April date for 9.2 does not seem unrealistic.