Blizzard Is Restricting Seasonal Player Power For The Legion Mage Tower To Ensure Its Longevity

To ensure the Mage Tower can last through multiple patches and expansions, Blizzard announced in their original post that they would be scaling players and normalizing their power to keep a meaningful level of difficulty for the future.

in addition to scaling players, many different forms of players' power will be disabled once inside the challenge.

While it may feel weird to not have core components of class abilities at the moment, this is necessary to keep the Mage Tower relevant for the future, and considering at this point in time, Legion Timewalking will only return each six months, this will be important to ensure there are no issues the next time it comes around.

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Blizzard Are Restricting Seasonal Player Power For The Legion Mage Tower To Ensure Its Longevity

So far the list of disabled player power is:

  • Covenant Abilities
  • Covenant Signature Abilities
  • Shadowlands Legendary Powers
  • All Conduits
  • Frost Shards of Domination
  • Many old procs from previous expansions.

This list is expected to grow as Blizzard finds more niche abilities that scale inappropriately with the content.

The Mage Tower will have its first round of testing today although it will only be available for 24 hours, to preserve some of the challenges for players once it has been fully released with patch 9.1.5.

Once testing has been completed, players can expect to see a release date for the patch in the coming weeks

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