World Of Warcraft Players Plead With Blizzard To Make Timewalking A Weekly Rotation

Players have always thought Timewalking should be on a weekly rotation, but the announcement of Legion Timewalking and the new Mythic+ system opens the discussion up for further reasoning as to why it needs to be weekly from 9.1.5 onwards.

Once Legion is added into the pool, it will take 6 months for the expansion to come around again, which doesn't feel right considering how much development time went into 9.1.5.

6 months from the 9.1.5 launch will hopefully land players in patch 9.2, so one Legion Timewalking event each patch, doesn't feel like a "fun" system.

Timewalking holds so much potential as an end-game system, which has proven to be true with how anticipated Legion Mythic+ is for patch 9.1.5.

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World Of Warcraft Players Plead With Blizzard To Make Timewalking A Weekly Rotation

Over the past month, every few days a Reddit thread will pop up with another player asking for the feature to be changed, and most players tend to agree.

This was the main thread that started the conversation again, but much more pop up daily, and are even all over the official WoW forums.

The way Timewalking currently works, the rewards have no effect on the end game, and even alt characters find the gear that is rewarded useless. Everything is basically cosmetic, and players who farm these dungeons are often after the mounts or old reputations.

Whatever Blizzard chooses to do with the rewards systems for Timewalking is a discussion for another day but the current system has no reason why it can't be on a weekly rotation.

The Mage Tower is expected to go live on the PTR this week, which will complete all the new content for testing, which means a release date is to follow soon after. If there is any hope to have Timewalking on a weekly rotation, patch 9.1.5 is the best chance players have.

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