Legion Timewalking Mage Tower Almost Ready For PTR Testing

The previous two weeks have seen small adjustments to the 9.1.5 Public Test Realm, as many of the new features have been tested for the previous month, although it was missing one main piece of content, the new Timewalking Mage Tower.

Many players were guessing if the Mage Tower would even make it to the testing phase of the PTR, as Blizzard may want to preserve the Challenge of it for launch, although today WoW Developer Zahko confirmed that it is "getting close" to go live on the 9.1.5 PTR.

The Mage Tower will likely go live towards the end of this week, alongside more changes to the Infernal Legion Mythic+ affix, and items rewarded from the dungeons.

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Legion Timewalking Mage Tower Almost Ready For PTR Testing

Once the Mage Tower goes live for testing, that will complete all the content announced for patch 9.1.5, meaning a release date should follow shortly after.

Friday the 15th marks 6 weeks since the beginning of the 9.1.5 PTR, which is the average testing schedule for a patch, so alongside the release of the Mage Tower we can expect to see a release date, but if not next week is a strong candidate as well.

The Mage Tower was a feature from the Legion expansion, which posed a challenging encounter to players based on their class and specialization, which rewarded unique Artifact skins which are no longer available.

The new Mage Tower will have its own set of rewards and will be scaling players to equal power levels to ensure the longevity of the system.

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