Everything Coming With Legion Timewalking On The 7th of December

The highly anticipated Legion Timewalking is almost here but unlike all the other Timewalking weeks, Legion will be a bit different, and here we will discuss all those new changes you need to know about.

To start, Legion Timewalking will be active for two weeks following its release, to give players time to enjoy the "new" old content before it goes back on the 18-week rotation unless Blizzard makes more changes to bring it back sooner.

Like any Timewlaking week, there are 6 returning dungeons for players to complete: Black Rook Hold, Court of Stars, Darkheart Thicket, Eye of Azshara, Neltharion's Lair, and Vault of the Wardens.

However, unlike a traditional Timewalking week, these dungeons will not only be available in the group finder but will also be available on Mythic+ for players to complete and even earn completion of their great vaults for a chance at shadowlands loot.

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Everything Coming With Legion Timewalking On The 7th of December

As normal, there is a new vendor in Legion Dalaran which will sell all-new cosmetics in exchange for Timewarped Badges, including a new mount.

Not only are the Legion dungeons returning as Mythic+, but the Legion Mage Tower is also making a return, and with a whole new set of rewards to complete all over again for players who completed the original.

Blizzard will restrict seasonal player power in the Mage Tower to ensure its longevity, as it will appear every 18 weeks with the Timewlaking rotation, which means it will be in many different patches and future expansions.

Players will want to make the most of the first two weeks to relive the Legion expansion again for the first time in over 5 years, and people should expect an influx of players to return to the game during this time.

Legion Timewalking will release after the weekly reset on the 7th of December (NA) and a day later on EU.

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