World Of Warcraft: Mage Tower Rumored To Make A Return In Patch 9.1.5

The Mage Tower was a solo challenge scenario introduced in the sixth World of Warcraft expansion Legion, where players could unlock unique weapon models for their class and specializations before it was removed at the end of the expansion.

The Challenge mode was a huge success, with limited-time rewards resulting in many people being saddened by the removal of the feature although that's what makes it so special.

However, recent data mining on the patch 9.1.5 PTR, hints that it may just be returning in the new patch.

It would be a welcome re-introduction for both new and old players, however, it may not be returning in the way many people would think.

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World Of Warcraft: Mage Tower Rumored To Make A Return In Patch 9.1.5

At the same time, recolored tier 20 sets have been found on the PTR, which would indicate these are the rewards for the new challenge presented by the Mage Tower.

We know that Legion Timewalking Mythic+ is coming with the patch so it makes sense to add these features alongside it, although it will be again a timed event, coming around every few months.

The data that was found on the PTR was the addition of many new teleport spells, which are named after locations where these challenges take place.

New spell IDs which hint at the return of the Mage Tower in World of Warcraft Shadowlands patch 9.1.5
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Image of spells found via Wowhead

Wowhead also found spell tuning for certain abilities which were used by bosses in these challenge modes, which is another clue for the return of the Mage Tower.

While it was a suggestion by many players, it seemed unlikely to happen so before it is confirmed by Blizzard, people shouldn't get their hopes up, especially if they are hoping to see the rare Artifact skins return.

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