Legion Timewalking Vendor Rewards Revealed

Today Blizzard released the new weekly patch for the Public Test Realm, which brought with it the new Timewalking vendor for the upcoming Legion Mythic+ Timewalking event.

It features many of the previously unobtainable items which were data mined a few weeks ago and expected to be rewarded from the Legion Timewalking event.

Players can find Aridormi next to the Flight Path in Legion's Dalaran, which sells all the new rewards associated with Legion Timewalking.

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Legion Timewalking Vendor Rewards Revealed

As with any Timewalking event, there will be a new mount for sale and this time players will be able to purchase the Favor of the Val'sharah Hippogryph for 5,000 Timewarped badges.

The new Favor of the Val'sharah Hippogryph mount is available for 5,000 Timewarped Badges in patch 9.1.5 Legion Timewlaking.
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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
The new Favor of the Val'sharah Hippogryph mount available to buy on Legion Timewalking weeks

There is also a new toy to buy for 1,500 Badges, which disguises players like a Suramar guard NPC.

The Replica Aegis of Aggramar is available for 3,000 Badges, with other LEgion Inspired weapons also up for purchase for 50-100 Badges each.

Players can also buy all the normal things on a Timewalking vendor such as Reputation with various Legion factions, Legion trade goods, some basic blue quality armor, and heirloom upgrades.

Legion Mythic+ Timewalking has been released on the Public Test Realm, so now all that awaits players is the return of the Mage Tower to make it to the PTR.

Patch 9.1.5 also does not have a release date, with many speculating it may line up with the Timewalking event on the 19th of October.

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