What Does Thrifty Mean in Valorant?

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Agents Phoenix and Brimstone on the Split map in Valorant.

Competitive video games, especially those who have their own professional esports scene, have established various jargon terms which are widely known by players all over the world. However, the term ‘thrifty’ was never used until Valorant arrived in 2020. The breakout FPS title by Riot Games took the gaming industry by storm when it was released, and one of the most interesting things it introduced is the use of 'thrifty' during matches.

In this guide, we explain exactly what 'thrifty' means in Valorant.

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What Does Thrifty Mean in Valorant?

The word 'thrifty' essentially has the same meaning in Valorant as it does in real life, so 'using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully'.

Valorant's players tend to say 'thrifty' whenever their team spend less money, improve their economy rating, and pull off a win. This term can be heard most of the time whenever a team would win after they entered a round using pistols, shotguns, or cheaper weapons when it is not the first or second round.

So, if you manage to win a round just by using the weapons mentioned above, the term ‘thrifty’ is something you may encounter in Valorant, especially at a competitive level. It is not a form of trash talk at all. It may just boost your morale, especially if you manage to somehow ‘turn the tables’ during a game while being 'thrifty'.

That’s what 'thrifty' means in Valorant. For more Valorant content, check out what CT means, or how to improve your gameplay and thus, secure more wins! Alternatively, we also recommend our guides to playing as various underrated Agents, such as Astra, Breach, and Yoru.

This article was updated on 21st December 2021 by Kelsey Raynor.