Valorant: What Does Thrifty Mean?

Competitive video games especially those who have their own professional esports scene have established gaming jargons which are widely known by players all over the world.

But the term ‘Thrifty’ in gaming was never used on any game available until Valorant arrived. The 2020 breakout FPS title by Riot Games took the gaming industry by storm when it was released, and one of the most interesting things it introduced is the usage of Thrifty in games.

But what does Thrifty exactly mean in Valorant? Keep reading to know more.


What Does Thrifty Mean In Valorant?

The word Thrifty in Valorant has also the same usage as the literal meaning of the word.

Valorant players tend to say Thrifty whenever their team would spend less money to pull off a win.

This term can be heard most of the time whenever a team would win after they entered a round using pistols, shotguns, or cheaper weapons even if it is not the first or second round.

So, if you manage to win a round just by using the weapons mentioned above, saying ‘Thrifty’ could be an ideal thing you can consider doing.

It is not a form of trashtalking after all. It may just boost your morale especially if you manage to somehow ‘turn the tables’ during a game. Thrifty it is.

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