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What Does CT Mean in Valorant?


Valorant is far from the most original game out there, but as far as free-to-play hero shooters go, it’s a pretty solid title and one that has given experienced gamers a lot of enjoyment.


Sadly, that experience can be a bit annoying for fans who haven’t been playing competitive multiplayer all their life, as veteran gamers tend to use terms that Valorant players just aren’t familiar with. 

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What Does CT Mean in Valorant?

Case in point, there are players who shout about “CT” in Valorant and younger gamers have no idea what this “CT” is.

The term actually comes from Counter-Strike, an older game that a lot of multiplayer shooter fans are familiar with, with CT standing for Counter-Terrorist.

Who are the CTs in Valorant? Apparently, those that have to guard bases or diffuse bombs, which, we imagine, can be annoying for players that don’t know the term.

It should be an inoffensive term that Valorant players can live with, but the amount of times the term has been used has led to some players being annoyed, especially since the term wasn’t even made for the game.

You could argue that the CT term is acceptable in Valorant since the game has similar roles and goals to Counter-Strike but that doesn’t make the constant callbacks to it any less annoying.

We aren’t dissing Counter-Strike, as the game is a fairly solid title that helped reinvigorate the multiplayer shooter in a number of countries, but having to see the term used in Valorant must not be fun for its players.

You don’t see Star Trek fans call expendable characters in Star Wars “red shirts,” and if they do, avoid contact and stay away from them.

PC players can download Valorant right now since it's a free-to-play shooter, though like other games of its genre, there are a number of in-game purchases.

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