Valorant Pros React To Skye's Abilities Ahead of Act 3

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Valorant's new Agent, Skye, has been revealed, and two of Cloud9's team have been waxing lyrical about her abilities and competitive potential.

Tyson 'TenZ' Ngo and Daniel 'vice' Kim have been discussing the character's suite of abilities.


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Valorant: Pros React To Skye's Abilities

Both were quite impressed by Skye's Hawk ability, which scouts ahead and can act as a flash to disorientate enemies.

Check out the gameplay below:


“Follow the Hawk and see how it flashes,” Tenz stated while playing. "This is scary, dude".

Referring to her Ultimate Ability, Seekers, Tenz had the following to say:

“[Seekers] is six charges and it basically is nuts for just following it and entry-ing with it. It’s basically a Sova Drone on crack.”

Both C9 pros also noted that they'd have liked to have seen a more powerful healing ability than Skye's Regrowth, though.


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