Valorant Could Add Aim Training Tools To Help Players Warm Up Before Each Match

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Valorant continues to go from strength-to-strength and the devs at Riot are looking to keep adding quality-of-life changes.

The team is looking into adding a practice match for players to sharpen their skills before heading into the more unforgiving PvP matches, according to the latest Ask Valorant blog.


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Valorant: Practice Matches Could Be Added

Many had wondered if the game would throw players into the Range, the game's tutorial area, before each match.

According to Lead Games Mode Producer Jared Berbach, "the tech is feasible".


“The tech is feasible to let you jump into the practice range while queuing,” he explains. “But we’ve been reluctant to pursue this because it is straight-up not efficient for what it’s accomplishing and we’re more excited about alternatives."

“Here’s why: A practice range ‘match’ is currently just as expensive for us to run on the server-side as a standard 5v5 match, but the effort is about 10x less efficient per player because it is only serving one player at a time.”

Those alternatives could be a new aim trainer that lets players practice within the game's queue.

“I mentioned a possible simple aim trainer that can scratch the trigger itch, and that could be a step to a future solution where you queue for something like FFA Deathmatch,” Berbach explained.


That could take some time, but it sounds as though the team is interested in allowing players to join in-progress games to get warmed up, with the feature hopefully coming to Deathmatch lobbies in early 2021.

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