Valorant: Riot Games Reveals New Streetwear-Inspired Weapon Skins

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Valorant's new weapon skins have been revealed, known as EGO by OneTap.

This streetwear-inspired set looks deadly and colourful in equal measure.


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New Valorant Weapon Skins Revealed

As revealed by a Riot Games press release, EGO is intended to be "modern, iconic, global, and stylish. Let your real world style aesthetics shine in game".

"EGO By Onetap is VALORANT's exploration into real-world style. A moment to explore global style and streetwear taste for players in our game," the release adds.

"For those gamers who play with style, care about expression, and want to become showstoppers, EGO draws on present-day style to ground the theme and eliminate any distractions of alt fantasies to put you front and center."

The pricing for each weapon can be found below, with the entire bundle being available for 7100 VP - that's around £70.

  • Ghost - 1775 VP
  • Stinger - 1775 VP
  • Guardian - 1775 VP
  • Vandal - 1775 VP

The bundle includes the following:

  • EGO by OneTap Ghost
  • EGO by OneTap Stinger
  • EGO by OneTap Guardian
  • EGO by OneTap Vandal
  • EGO by OneTap Melee
  • EGO by OneTap Player Card
  • EGO by OneTap Spray
  • EGO by OneTap Gun Buddy

Check out a selection of screenshots below:

The new skin on the Guardian weapon


Check out the new-look Vandal

Expect this knife to be popular

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