VALORANT Go Vol. 2 Bundle: Everything You Need To Know

The VALORANT Go Vol.2 bundle will arrive in Episode 3 Act 2, and players are excited to see all the new cosmetics coming to the game. This will be the second bundle arriving in Episode 3 Act 2, and it will feature another Butterfly knife.

Popular data miner and influencer @ValorLeaks revealed on Twitter that the new VALORANT Go Vol.2 bundle will arrive with the next update.

The melee weapon is none other than Yoru's butterfly comb which fans got a glimpse of in the official VALORANT Retake cinematic. At the same time, this bundle will feature several other Agent-related cosmetics which players can purchase. Here's everything we know about the VALORANT Go Vol.2 bundle.

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VALORANT Go Vol.2 Release Date

According to @ValorLeaks, the new VALORANT Go Vol.2 bundle will arrive in-game with the next patch update.

The update itself is scheduled for 21st September, but take it with a grain of salt until official announcements are made. As stated earlier, Fracture is scheduled to enter competitive with this new update, and it's the perfect time for a new skin bundle.

Popular Spanish YouTuber, @BlackEspanolito, showed all of the new skins from the Go Vol.2 bundle coming to the game in Episode 3 Act 2.

VALORANT Go Vol.2 Price

The price for the VALORANT Go Vol.2 bundle is expected to be 8700 VP. The last Vol.1 bundle was priced at 7100 VP, but the price increase is understandable considering the essence of the new cosmetics.

The highlight of this new bundle is the Yoru Comb Butterfly Knife. Fans got to see the first butterfly knife in the game when the Recon Bundle was released in Episode 1.

A new butterfly knife with the second update of Act 2 surely hints at more coming with future updates. Interestingly, items from VALORANT's official lore are now introduced as melee weapons in-game.

As reported by @ValorLeaks, players can acquire all the cosmetics from the bundle, or selectively purchase specific items.

The new bundle will feature Agents like Sova, Raze, Viper, Yoru, and Phoenix. It will be different from the Vol.1 bundle, and it will also have new Agent gun buddies. These gun buddies will be priced at 450 VP each.

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VALORANT Go Vol.2 All Weapon Skins

The VALORANT Go Vol.2 bundle will have the following weapon skins:

Weapon Skins

  • Classic (Viper) - 1,775 VP
  • Vandal (Phoenix) - 1,775 VP
  • Ares (Raze) - 1,775 VP
  • Operator (Sova) - 1,775 VP
  • Yoru Comb Butterfly Melee - 3550 VP

Gun Buddies

  • Viper Gun Buddy - 475 VP
  • Phoenix Gun Buddy - 475 VP
  • Raze Gun Buddy - 475 VP
  • Sova Gun Buddy - 475 VP
  • Yoru Gun Buddy - 475 VP

Player Cards

  • Viper Player Card - 375 VP
  • Phoenix Player Card - 375 VP
  • Raze Player Card - 375 VP
  • Sova Player Card - 375 VP
  • Yoru Player Card - 375 VP


  • Viper Spray - 325 VP
  • Phoenix Spray - 325 VP
  • Raze Spray- 325 VP
  • Sova Spray- 325 VP
  • Yoru Spray- 325 VP

The Yoru Comb Butterfly Knife is a part of VALORANT's canon. It was in the Retake cinematic, and fans requested the developers to add a similar melee skin to the game.

Now, that it's finally here, Yoru mains can proudly show off their style by purchasing this new Butterfly Knife from the VALORANT Go Vol.2 bundle.

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