Valorant Breeze Map Removed from Upcoming Tournament

The brand-new Valorant Breeze map won’t be featuring in the Valorant Champions Masters Reykjavik Tournament.

The tournament begins May 24, and Riot said in a recent tweet it doesn’t believe four weeks gives participants enough time to fully understand the map. Including it in the Valorant Champions series would compromise “competitive integrity.”

The full comment is as follows:

"After conferring with pro players globally, in the interest of competitive integrity, Breeze has been removed from the map rotation at Masters Reykjavik.

Considering the overlap with Challenger Playoffs and travel to Iceland, 4 weeks is not enough time to practice a new map."

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Valorant Breeze Map Removed from Upcoming Tournament

It makes sense. Breeze is a large, complex map, and only having one month to learn it would certainly put participants at a disadvantage depending on how much time they could sink into Breeze.

As it stands, that’s the only change to the tournament. The 10 teams will still duke it out like normal on the existing maps, with participating teams including:

  • Sentinels (NA)
  • Version1 (NA)
  • Crazy Raccoon (JP)
  • X10 (SEA)
  • Team Liquid (EMEA)
  • Fnatic (EMEA)

The Valorant Champions Masters Reykjavik Tournament runs from May 24 through May 30.

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