Riot Will Record Valorant Voice Chat to Reduce Abusive Behavior

Riot is taking steps to combat Valorant toxicity by recording all Valorant voice chat conversations. The developer made the announcement in a new blog post, where it reaffirmed its commitment to supporting a safe environment for all, though there’s no firm date for when the new feature will be rolled out.

The new Valorant voice chat recording policy follows similar guidelines as the current text chat policy that allows the company to gather and evaluate chat logs before said logs are deleted once Riot finishes with them. It’s also not something anyone can opt out of.

Agreeing to the policy is required for continuing to play the game using voice chat. It’s not a situation where Riot actively monitors voice chat either. Data is only made available and reviewed once a conversation is flagged as abusive.

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Riot Will Record Valorant Voice Chat to Reduce Abusive Behavior

Riot also noted that the policy technically allows them to record data for its other games, including League of Legends, but there’s no mechanism in place to do so at this time and no plans for it either.

Speaking further about the plans, Riot said:

“Disruptive behavior on voice comms is a huge pain point for a lot of players. And we believe one of the ways to combat it is by providing quick and accurate ways to report abuse or harassment so we know when to take action.

We also need clear evidence to verify violations of behavioral policies before we take action and to help us share with players on why a particular behavior may have resulted in a penalty.”

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[Source: Riot Games]

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