Valorant Season 2 Act 3 Plagued With Bugs on Launch Day

Riot Games are having a rough day with multiple bugs reported alongside the launch of Season 2 Act 3.

To start things off, players that jumped straight into their ranked placements for the new act were greeted with a much lower rank than the previous act. Some players were reporting a drop in over 2 ranks.

Riot was quick to address the issue, fixing the bug for players still to complete their placements for this act, however, they are still to fix players that got in early.

Update: High-ranked players who were placed incorrectly last week have now been placed into the correct rank. Allow a game or two for the system to catch up. Source.

Next up is a bug with Riot Games anti-cheat software Vanguard. A surprise to nobody, Vanguard is once again causing PC issues for players. Riot Games received criticism after the launch of Valorant when this problem began happening and players were experiencing PC errors because of this software, causing many players to simply uninstall the game.

Their current fix for the issue is to simply uninstall and reinstall the software while they promise us a more reliable fix for the future.

Valorant Season 2 Act 3 Plagued With Bugs on Launch Day

In a final Tweet for the day, the Valorant team addressed 2 more issues. Players in the NA/BR/LATAM regions who completed a game between 1:05 – 1:40 PT, lost progress on their account as if they never played the game as well as, players reporting issues where the master game sound was lower than it should be.

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Riot has announced a fix coming tomorrow to address the sound issues, however, we are still uncertain as to when we will see fixes for players who received a lower rank or completely lost progress for their games.

Valorant's biggest issue is its anti-cheat software. If they continue to cause players PC issues it could cost them severely.

We hope to see players' issues fixed soon so people can get in and experience the new act that arrived today.

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