New Valorant Map “Breeze” Confirmed

With Episode 2 Act 3 potentially a few days away Riot Games have confirmed rumours of the sixth map.

The Official Valorant Twitter page posted a teaser image titled "Welcome to Paradise".

New Valorant Map “Breeze” Confirmed

At the same time, the Vietnam Valorant Facebook Page posted a 15-second clip featuring the same picture accompanied with some text.

Translation of the text reads "Let's explore about BREEZE - new map coming soon to Valorant."

During the clip, gunshots can be heard in the background alongside an upbeat beach theme, supporting the claims that it will be the next map introduced.

We've also seen a full trailer for the map Riot posted on the official Valorant Twitter account.

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Information has been circulating in the community the past few weeks about what the map would be called. The two names that were known were "Breeze" and "Foxtrot".

Now we have a confirmation that Breeze will be the next map to hit Valorant, What exactly was Foxtrot? Twitter user ValorLeaks stated that 3 Maps are in Development for the game, so potentially we could see more maps sooner than we thought.

Stay tuned for more Act 3 Episode 2 information this week, where we expect to see Breeze introduced as well as a new agent, Battle Pass, and challenges.

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