Valheim Serpent Scale: How To Get Them and Make A Serpent Scale Shield

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Lurking in the depths of Valheim is a beast. You might come across this mighty monster whilst sailing in the ocean, the Sea Serpent. It can be a tough enemy to go up against but with the help of a handy tool, you'll reap the rewards and grab yourself a Sea Serpent Scale Shield!

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How To Get Serpent Scales

Sea Serpents aren't easy to pinpoint, they more so pop out of nowhere in the ocean. You'll need to make sure you're armoured up and ready to battle, one of the most useful tools you can use to bring it down is an Abyssal Harpoon. This tool will allow you to drag the serpent closer to the shore so that you don't lose your loot to the depths of the sea, you can read more about the harpoon and how to craft it here.

Once you kill the serpent it can drop a Serpent Trophy, Meat and Scales, Serpent Meat can be used to make one of the most useful consumable items within Valheim. Scales can be a bit of a mystery for players to know what to do with initially but they can actually be crafted into a brilliant bit of kit. 

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How To Make a Serpent Scale Shield

Now that you have some Serpent Scales, let's turn them into something useful. Below you can find the recipes to make the Serpent Scale Shield, a strong and defensive alternative until you get one of the best shields within the title:

  • 8x Serpent Scales
  • 10x Fine Wood
  • 4x Iron

We've put together a table to give you an idea of what resources you'll need if you want to upgrade your shield and how it will impact its stats.

Quality Recipe Durability Block Movement Speed Forge Level
18x Serpent Scales 10x Fine Wood 4x Iron25090-10%3
24x Serpent Scales 10x Fine Wood 2x Iron30095-10%4
38x Serpent Scales 20x Fine Wood 4x Iron350100-10%5

That's everything you need to know to get a scaly defence! On the topic of defence why not check out if your armour is up to scratch? Might there be more giant enemies in Valheim in the future? Find out here!

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