Valheim Kraken: How To Get Chitin and What To Do With It

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Valheim is a game about discovery, many things aren't obvious and for that reason, a lot of players look to guides for help. If you're getting to a stage where you want to fight a Sea Serpent, you'll probably want an Abyssal Harpoon to make things easier. These require Chitin to make, but where do you get it? The Kraken, more questions, what is the Kraken? Keep reading to find out!

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Where To Find The Kraken

The Kraken may not be easy to spot at first and you probably will be expecting something like the Sea Serpent. In reality, the Kraken looks like a little island in the ocean, to find one you'll need to head into deep waters. This means you'll need to head out in a boat, the bigger the better for collecting materials but a Karve should be good enough. If you're concerned about getting into combat, don't be, the Kraken is passive.

How To Get Chitin From The Kraken

You can actually mine on the Kraken, doing so will reward you with resources. Chitin is one of these materials and the only way to get it is through the Kraken. Look for Abyssal Barnacles, once you mine them they will drop Chitin which can be used for crafting a few items which will become really useful.

Although the Kraken isn't hostile, you probably wouldn't like it if someone started mining into you, neither does this sea creature. Once it realises what you're doing it will attempt to shake you off, don't panic, it won't drop you in the water but you need to keep an eye on your boat, if you stray too far you might begin drowning due to lack of stamina trying to get back.

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What To Do With Chitin

So far you can only craft two items with Chitin, the Abyssal Harpoon and the Abyssal Razor. You can read our full guide on the harpoon here and how useful it can be when going up against Sea Serpents or simply corralling your tamed boars. The Abyssal Razor on the other hand is a great upgrade for those who are using daggers, you'll likely see a much higher damage output using one unless you're using the Black Metal Knife, which is the only dagger more powerful. Below you can find the resources required to make each:

Abyssal Harpoon

  • 8x Fine Wood
  • 30x Chitin
  • 3x Leather Scraps

Abyssal Razor

  • 4x Fine Wood
  • 20x Chitin
  • 2x Leather Scraps

If the Abyssal Razor isn't your cup of tea then check out the Porcupine, otherwise, the Draugr Fang Bow might be of interest if you prefer ranged combat!

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