Valheim: How to increase Carry Weight Limit - Where to Purchase, Cost and More

If you're looking to jump into Valheim, you may want to increase your carry weight!

This will allow you to more freely explore your world without needing to compromise on the equipment you carry.

Where to Purchase

Unfortunately, the merchant doesn't always spawn on your starting island so you'll need to have a look for him around the map.

Luckily we know he spawns in the Black Forest biome, so you'll have to look for him in your procedurally generated world.

When you get close, a small pouch symbol will appear on your map. This will help you navigate your way to him.

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We recommend bringing the materials you'll need to make a portal. This will make travelling to the merchant MUCH easier in the future.


You will need quite a few coins to purchase the item you need.

if you don't have enough, head into the dungeons located in the black forest and collect as many items as you can to sell back to the merchant. 

In total, you'll need 950 Coins. 


Finally, you'll need to purchase Megingjord from the merchant. This item is a reference to the belt of Thor, the god of thunder in Norse mythology. 

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This item description reads "Gives the wearer superhuman strength". Effectively, this increases your carry weight significantly, allowing you to collect more loot and materials when out in the world. 

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