Valheim: How To Get Leather Scraps

Leather scraps are a basic necessity and crafting resource in Valheim, one you'll need to find in huge numbers in order to get your base and equipment up to scratch as fast as possible. Not to worry, we've laid out how to get leather scraps, as well as some of the best uses for them in the early game.

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How To Get Leather Scraps in Valheim

You can get leather scraps in Valheim by hunting wild boar. You can also find them in treasure chests in the meadow biome (where you'll likely be starting) as well as found in certain scrap piles, though you'll need the rare Wishbone to find those. Hunting boar is the most reliable mean of doing so, so here's some basic advice.

Hunting Boar

  • Boar are hostile until tamed. Bring a bow, club or axe if you're going hunting.
  • Three hits with a basic melee weapon will kill a boar.
  • Boar don't always drop leather scraps, but they often do, and they're a common animal.
  • You'll also get meat for killing boar, allowing you to stock up on food quickly.

The alternative is taming and breeding boars in your own base, which we've laid out how to do here.

How to Use Leather Scraps

Leather scraps are used in a huge ranged of equipment recipes, especially weaponry, even in the late game. You can also use them to build certain structures, tools and even vehicles, such as the raft or the spinning wheel.

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