Valheim Flametal: How To Get Flametal Ore

Although Valheim is massively popular already, the title isn't entirely finished. There's plenty of things currently in development that will come to the game at a later date, take the Ashlands biome for example. This biome is pretty barren currently but that might not be a bad thing...

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How To Get Flametal Ore

To get yourself some Flametal Ore you'll need to head to the Ashlands. This biome is still being developed so there is not much there, it's also pretty hard to come across. To identify the biome, look out for fire and volcanic rock. Once there you should find Flaming Metal Veins, mine these and you'll have yourself some Flametal Ore. It's probably best to get as much as you can carry, no doubt this resource will be important in the future. Bear in mind that like all other ores, you won't be able to travel through portals with it.

What to Do With Flametal

Once you're back at base, you'll need to have crafted a Blast Furnace, this will then turn the ore into Flametal Bars. Currently, there are no recipes or uses for this at the moment but there's still plenty of updates to come in the future where it will likely be a sought after material. The developers are constantly working on Valheim so hopefully, it won't be too long till we can but this ore to good use. The bonus is that you can get a bunch of Flametal Ore whilst the Ashlands are pretty sparse in regards to enemies, we expect this biome to be pretty dangerous once released fully.

Although there's currently no use for Flametal Ore, there is for Silver, check out our guide on that here. Silver can be used to make Wolf and Padded Armour, two of the best sets in Valheim.

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