Valheim Drake Trophy: How To Get Drake Trophies, Crafting the Drake Helmet and Upgrading It

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Initially, when you start getting a lot of trophies in Valheim, they might seem a little pointless and you may start throwing them away. In reality, you can use them to decorate your home and much more. Drake Trophies in particular are essential if you want to get yourself kitted up with a great helmet, the Drake Helmet.

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How To Get Drake Trophies

Drake Trophies, like all other trophies in Valheim are found by killing the enemy of which the trophy is. So, in this scenario, you'll be hunting for Drakes. They can be found in the Mountain biome so you'll need to make sure you're prepared, entering this area without doing so is pretty much a waste of time as it can be extremely dangerous. Your main concern will be not freezing to death, so be sure that your armour will suffice. As drakes can fly, it's vital to have a ranged weapon, any bow should do but if you want the best odds, get yourself a Draugr Fang Bow.

To actually find a Drake you'll need to head to the top of one of the mountains in this biome, they should be around there somewhere up high, if you don't see one initially, head to another peak. If you have a decent aim and some quality arrows this shouldn't be too much of a challenge, the real difficulty is getting the trophy itself. Drake Trophies have a much lower drop rate in comparison to most other trophies within the game, so you'll likely have to kill a few before you get your hands on a trophy unless you're lucky.

Crafting the Drake Helmet

Once you have a few Drake Trophies, you can put them to good use with the Drake Helmet. The recipe is as follows and requires a level 2 Forge or higher to make it:

  • 2x Drake Trophy
  • 2x Wolf Pelt
  • 20x Silver

Upgrading the Drake Helmet

This helmet is great but further into your gameplay you might be looking to upgrade. Below you can find a table listing the requirements for upgrading and how it will impact the armour:

Quality Recipe Durability Armour Forge Level
12x Drake Trophy 2x Wolf Pelt 20x Silver1000202
25x Silver1200223
310x Silver1400244
415x Silver1600265

That Drake Helmet looks great on you, get yourself some armour of the same standard! As well as trophies, Drake can be useful when creating the Frostner hammer, find out how to make one yourself here.