Valheim Crystal: Where To Find Crystals and How To Use Them

If you're wandering the Mountains of Valheim, keep an eye on the rocks you pass as they may not just be rocks! You might encounter a Stone Golem, they hit hard but are fairly slow, so use this to your advantage! These stone beasts actually drop Crystals upon death, but what can you do with them? We'll tell you exactly that below!

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Where To Find Crystals

Crystals will drop from Stone Golems which can be found in the Mountain biome, they look like a pile of rocks that will stay dormant until they notice the player or another enemy. Of course, as these beings are within the Mountains they can be a bit of a tough fight, they will be able to resist a lot of damage and have a large health bar. Luckily, just like stone, the golems are weakest against pickaxes. So far it seems that the Iron Pickaxe does the most damage to them so be sure to have one crafted, although you can't use a shield whilst wielding a pickaxe, you can block with it. Once you defeat a Stone Golem they will drop Crystals, but what can they be used for?

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Crafting With Crystals

Currently, there's no actual use for Crystals within Valheim, though this could all change in the future. Valheim is only in early development currently and so, has plenty of time to implement new recipes and features. Many fans have suggested that Crystals could be used to craft jewellery in the future which will impact player's stats and give them bonus effects. Whatever happens, it's great to see that there's more to come for the title as there are a few different resources that don't have a use yet.

If you want to find out more in regards to what the future of Valheim looks like, you can find their 2021 roadmap here, you can also find out about the latest update's patch notes here.

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