V Rising Teleport Locations - How To Fast Travel

Image of the player fighting an enemy in V Rising.

Looking to get across the V Rising map nice and quickly? If so, our guide to the V Rising teleport locations will show you exactly where you need to go if you want to cross the vampiric world with ease. Join us as we look at everything you need to know about fast travel in V Rising.

One thing to know is that V Rising fast travel is far from simple. The two different types of fast travel have different methods of activating, and can't always be used throughout the game. As such, it's a complicated process, which we're here to help make a bit more logical.

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How Do I Fast Travel in V Rising?

There are two ways to fast travel in V Rising: going through Vampire Waygates or Caves.

The former option is much more useful, and probably the one you'll end up doing more. That's because it's effectively an unlimited-use option, where you can travel back and forth from locations with ease. Caves are very limited, as each route can only be used once before they expire.

To use a Vampire Waygate, you simply need to check the map and head to the one closest to you. As with other games, each fast travel is only unlocked once you stumble across it in-game, so you'll need to do your fair share of exploring to get them all.

Equally, you can't use Vampire Waygates if you have anything in your inventory. Yes, it needs to be totally empty. That's an inconvenience, so you must remember to store all your goods before fast travelling.

The other option is to use Caves: they're more convenient, but less common. As hinted at, these are one-time routes that cannot be re-opened after you've gone through them. Use them strategically, only going through one if you absolutely need to; to save your current life, for example.

V Rising caves are spread across the map.
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All V Rising Teleport Locations

V Rising Vampire Waygates

  • Farbane Woods (four waygates, one in each corner)
  • Dunley Farmlands (one in the north, and three along the southern edge)
  • Silverlight Hills (one waygate in the northeast)
  • Cursed Forest (one waygate in the southwest)

There are ten Vampire Waygates in V Rising, conveniently interspersed across the map.

To activate them, you need to find the crafting recipe by defeating the boss called Polara the Faywalker. Then, collect 200 Blood Essence, 20 Planks, 20 Copper Ingots, and 10 Gold Dust.

Take them to your crafting table, and the Vampire Waygate can then be activated.

V Rising Caves

To use a cave, simply locate it on the map and head towards it. You'll see a rock with red streams coming off of it, and can then press F to activate it.

Caves don't let you choose where you end up: instead, each one has a pre-chosen location that you can't alter. However, the plus side is you can use them while carrying items in your inventory, unlike the Vampire Waygates. The locations are as follows:

  • Two within the Cursed Forest
  • Dunley Farmlands (towards the south)
  • Silverlight Hills (southward)

That's your lot when it comes to all the V Rising teleport locations! As you can tell, there's plenty to understand before you embark on a fast travel journey, but the utility of being able to zip around cannot be understated. While you're here, feel free to also learn how to get iron in V Rising as well.

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