How To Change V Rising Server Settings

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Image of riders trekking through a marketplace in V Rising.

If you want to hone the vampire experience completely to your liking, the chances are you'll want to change V Rising server settings. Annoyingly for some, this isn't a particularly straightforward process. Luckily, we're here to help with a guide to changing your settings, so you know exavtly what to do.

In this V Rising guide, we take a look under the hood at how you can customise the settings of the private server you're playing in. This involves a separate V Rising client, so be prepared for a little bit of tinkering to get things just right.

Once you're happy with your server settings, it's time to dive into the V Rising action. Check out how to fish as well as how to make leather, for two of the various pastimes you can amuse yourself with. We've also got a guide to V Rising servants, who function as handy NPC helpers.

How Do I Change V Rising Server Settings?

If you plan on hosting a private V Rising lobby for you and your friends, it's likely that configuring custom settings is the approach you'll want to take. That involves downloading a separate client however, found within the Steam Tools section on the game page. It's called V Rising Dedicated Server, so shouldn't be hard to spot.

Once that's downloaded, you'll need to search for the following location within the client: VRisingServer_Data\StreamingAssets\Settings.

That brings up a file called ServerGameSettings.json. It's within that that you can tweak the settings of your private server, honing them exactly to your liking. From there, the next time you open a private lobby in the game, those settings should be automatically applied.

Image of the player fighting an Archer in V Rising.
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What V Rising Server Settings Are There?

Once you're on the client, you'll be greeted with a veritable mountain of different settings to tweak.

Within the 50+ different settings you can tweak is a range of modifiers from the logical to the surgically precise. You can start off by choosing whether to run a PVP or PVE lobby, as well as whether your castle can take damage or not.

From there you'll find much more in-depth settings, which focus more on the abilities and effectiveness of individual mechanics in the game. They range from whether your player can take damage to automatically unlocking all waypoints when you first spawn into a lobby.

Your best bet is to scroll within the various settings once you've downloaded the client, due to the sheer number of options available. However, there are a few that we've higlighted, simply because they may be especially useful.

The DropTableModifier_General is a handy setting, as it changes the amount of loot dropped by fallen enemies. If you plan on grinding for items, then it's a handy one to turn up. We also recommend changing the Clan Size setting if you have a lobby of more than four people, as well as increasing your resistance to sun using the SunDamageModifier option. If you want to prance around in the daylight, crank it all the way up.


That's it for our look at tweaking your server settings in V Rising! While it can be a complicated process, the ability to wholly customise your experience makes it more than worth it. Feel free to also check out our guide to V Rising solo mode, to see if you can tackle the game solo.

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