New Triangle Strategy Trailer Highlights Allies, Enemies, and More

Square Enix and Nintendo released a new trailer for the tactical RPG Triangle Strategy, highlighting the all-consuming war at its center and the characters who's fates you hold in your hand. Triangle Strategy takes place in Norzelia, a region still healing from the Saltiron War 10 that took place years before the game starts.

An arranged marriage between two nobles was meant to broker a new era of piece, but a power-hungry ruler bent on exerting his nation's influence means it's not to last.

It's the standard high politics you'd expect from the genre, but Triangle Strategy's twist on the formula is that your choices have a significant effect on how the story unfolds.

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New Triangle Strategy Trailer Highlights Allies, Enemies, and More

Key points in the story test your convictions, fancy speak for saying your allies vote on a specific outcome, and your choices determine what their vote is likely to be. Square Enix promises this system will influence who you ally with or betray, what path you take, and even what abilities you have in battle.

If that sounds intriguing, the Triangle Strategy demo is still available for download, though it's a rougher version than what will release March 4 for Nintendo Switch.

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