Triangle Strategy Releases List of Changes Courtesy Of Demo Feedback

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A new Triangle Strategy preview was shown in last week's Nintendo Direct showcase. Though now, Nintendo has released a list of changes that will be implemented to the game courtesy of the feedback survey results from those who did the pre-release demo.

Some of the most notable changes listed include the loading time during events where it is being shortened to 10 seconds. Also, the Hard and Easy difficulty settings have been added to the game. And one helpful adjustment is that the camera's zoom-in and zoom-out degrees can be changed freely.


The producers of the game then thanked the participants of the survey and game demo and also ensured that there's more in store for the game once it is fully released. Their statement reads as:

"Based on these survey results, users have high expectations for the game’s story, the personalities of the characters, and the system for levelling up and improving characters in tactical strategy games. These are elements you may not have been able to enjoy fully in the Debut Demo.
However, in the final version of Triangle Strategy, you will be able to experience the events leading up to the invasion and what happens after you make specific decisions. The story will branch out in various ways, and many unique characters will enter the story. We hope you’ll look forward to it.
Lastly, our development team was very happy to receive encouraging results about purchase intent from those who responded to the survey!
We will continue to develop the game in an effort to meet your expectations. We appreciate your continued support for Triangle Strategy."

For the whole list of changes coming to the game, follow the link here. You may also check out the trailer for Triangle Strategy below:


Triangle Strategy will be released exclusively for Nintendo Switch on March 4, 2022. Make sure to follow us for more gaming news and updates.