New Tomb Raider Game Hinted At Through Job Listings

Crystal Dynamics released its third rebooted Tomb Raider entry back in 2018. After releasing next-gen updates for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, the company also co-developed Marvel's Avengers with Eidos Montreal.

Though news on the gaming franchise has remained minimal since, it seems like Lara Croft might be returning for another adventure, as showcased by a host of job listings.

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New Tomb Raider Game Hinted At Through Job Listings

One role being recruited includes Lighting Artist, with the successful candidate expected to showcase experience in the franchise's previous visual style.

Able to showcase a powerful portfolio with a similar cinematic style to the latest Tomb Raider reboot and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

While this isn't legitimate confirmation that a new Tomb Raider game is being developed, the inclusion of the trilogy's titles in the job description seems to point in this direction. However, the company is also assisting The Initiative with the development of a new Perfect Dark game, so the roles could be for this title.

While it's been three years since Lara Croft's last appearance, the iconic character will be receiving a Netflix anime show, with the MCU's Hayley Atwell voicing the famous adventurer.

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