Next Perfect Dark Game Is Being Co-Developed By Crystal Dynamics And The Initiative

The Initiative is bringing Rare's cult franchise, Perfect Dark to modern-day systems. Having previously learned that the game will this time follow a female protagonist in an "eco sci-fi" world of espionage.

Though early development, the Microsoft studio has enlisted the help of Crystal Dynamics to help rejuvenate this series. Announcing the news on Twitter, they confirmed both studios will be partnering for Perfect Dark's development.

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Next Perfect Dark Game Is Being Developed By Crystal Dynamics And The Initiative

Crystal Dynamics is no stranger to partnerships, as the developer also teamed up with Eidos Montreal for the production of Marvel's Avengers.

Additionally, Eurogamer highlighted how much The Initiative and Crystal Dynamics share in common, as the latter studio's former CEO, Darrel Gallagher founded The Initiative. While the Perfect Dark development team includes Daniel Neuburger, the Creative Director of the Tomb Raider reboot - another Crystal Dynamics production.

While no release date has been officially announced, the game is planned for PC and Xbox systems. We'll keep you informed when we learn more.

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