Apex Legends Crossover Sees Titanfall 2 Player Count Jump 750%

Titanfall 2 has seen a huge influx of players on Steam, with concurrent players jumping by 750% in the last fortnight.

Largely attributed to a sizeable discount on Valve's storefront, the price drop saw the game's active player count leap 650% in two days, according to SteamDB, before breaking its record player count shortly after (just under 17000 players).

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Apex Legends Crossover Sees Titanfall 2 Player Count Jump 750%

While previous discounts have coincided with spikes in the game's active players, it appears there's more at play this time around – namely Apex Legends' next season of content.

Apex Legends Season 9 will introduce Valkyrie, the daughter of Titanfall 2 character Viper, and Respawn's battle royale has been leaning heavily on its predecessor's universe of characters in recent weeks.

If this keeps up, could we get Titanfall 3 after all? Titanfall 2 famously released in between shooter juggernauts Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1, causing the game to sell fewer copies than both Respawn and publisher EA had hoped.

In other news, developer Respawn is already staffing up for a new IP.

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