Time Defenders Codes - Free Diamonds, Gold, and More

If you’re looking for Time Defenders codes, you’re in the right place. The hit RPG is finally available in North America, bringing dozens of characters and nearly endless customization opportunities with it. Like other gacha games, such as Genshin Impact, you’ll need special in-game currency to roll for characters you want on your team, and that’s where these codes come in handy.

This guide covers all active Time Defenders codes and explains how to redeem them. Given you can get all the currencies you need to pull new members and upgrade them without a grind, they’re well worth using.

If you can’t get enough Time Defenders, check out our Time Defenders tier list so you know which characters are worth your in-game money. And if that’s still not scratching the gacha itch, we’ve got plenty of Genshin Impact coverage to get you started on Hoyoverse’s mega hit, including codes and info on the upcoming characters Yelan and Kuki Shinobu.

All Active Time Defenders Codes

  • No active codes yet!

Time Defenders only recently released, and unlike Genshin Impact, there’s no welcoming codes to help ease you into the game - yet. We’ll keep this up to date, so check back for more.

Expired Codes

There are no expired codes yet either.

How To Redeem Time Defenders Codes

When you do have a Time Defenders code to cash in, here’s how you’ll do it. Note you’ll have to play at least as far as the tutorial before you have the option to redeem any codes.

  • Launch Time Defenders
  • Open the “Settings” menu
  • Choose “Account”
  • Select the code option
  • Enter your code
  • Choose to redeem it

The rewards will automatically be added to your account.

How To Redeem Time Defenders Pre-Registration Rewards

If you were among those who registered for the game prior to release, you’ll automatically have the pre-registration rewards added to your account. There’s nothing you need to do to get them.

Where To Get More Time Defenders Codes

We’re still working out what the cadence at which the Time Defenders development team will release new codes.

Presumably, we’ll see codes with new updates and major milestones, likely released on the game’s official social media channels. We’ll be keeping an eye on all avenues, so consider keeping this page bookmarked so you don’t miss any.

Right now, Time Defenders is only released in a handful of countries - notably across Asia, America, Canada, and AU/NZ. If you can’t play just yet, Azur Lane and King’s Raid as the next closest competitors. To help there, our Azur Lane tier list has been recently updated.

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