Time Defenders tier list - Best SSR characters (October 2022)

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After King's Raid, Vespa’s latest foray into mobile gaming is Time Defenders: a tower defense title with an unsurprising gacha character system. With any gacha game is a tier list, and our Time Defenders tier list is already prepped for the game's global release, with plans to keep it updated as the title catches up to last year's regional launch.

Set in the near future, Time Defenders has a whole host of new faces waiting for you to use in strategic tower defense fights.Tokyo has been thrown into chaos thanks to a Spacetime Rift, and it's up to you and your eventual squad of gacha guardians to stand against the interdimensional threats and ward off evil.

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Time Defenders tier list - Which SSR is best?

Tier Character
SMetheus, Aigle, Bride, Noir, Cannonball, Akira
AHua, Carmillana, Sayre, Suzukahime, Mercuria, Bella
BHector, Beatrice, Strega
CScylla, Saint Getorix, Rose
DLeos, Kayanohime

Right now, the global Tower Defenders tier list covers only the SSR character we know are included thanks to the official website. Though more fleshed-out tier lists are out there right now, they cover the non-global release that most players outside of Asia won't be playing.

This version includes characters that are expected to arrive in the global game as it service progresses. As such, we'll add them to their respective tiers as and when they release.

Time Defender Classes encompass a wide-range of the game's characters from healer and support, to defender and striker.
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What are the Time Defenders classes?

In the game, there are eight different classes that characters fall into, which provide different skills and support options.

They are assault, striker, guardian, healer, ranger, esper, specialist, and supporter. It is recommended to balance your team with a few different classes, in order to provide defense from incoming onslaughts, while also healing and dealing damage.

What is Time Defenders?

Time Defenders is a new game that brings in tower defense and RPG mechanics for an interesting experience.

Your team of defenders must come together to force back the interdimensional evil, Ordo, and save the world. To do this you must make use of strategies among your team and placement, including heroes' skills and their classes. The delightful graphics are set alongside complete voice acting too and fully rendered cutscenes.

How many Time Defenders characters will there be?

Developer Vespa has promised an impressive roster of over 70 heroes for when Time Defenders releases globally on April 20, 2022. With different skills, classes, and aesthetics to boot, each character has their own story beats, personality, and personal preferences as well.

The Time Defenders tier list above only ranks the SSR characters lucky players can obtain through gacha pulls, but other characters from rarities all the way down to N feature throughout and will likely pad out teams without sufficient SSR characters for a while to come.

That's about all there is to say about the Time Defenders tier list right now. Once the game releases across the world, we'll update this with any Time Defenders reroll steps you can take to up your chances of starting out with one, two, or even more SSR characters without spending a penny.

Which regions is Time Defenders global in?

  • USA
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Taiwan
  • Macau
  • Hong King
  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • South Korea

For now, the April 20, 2022 Time Defenders release date appears to only bring the game outside of Asia and into the USA and traditional mobile soft launch locations like Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. A wider release could still be on the cards for Europe and beyond, but there's no mention of it just yet.

Is there a Time Defenders Discord?

If you're looking to chat with other players about strategies, characters, pulls, and all that good stuff, you'll probably want to join the Time Defenders Discord. Character build guides will likely spring up there as the game matures as well, making it a worthwhile place to hang out if you're serious about the game.

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