The Cycle - How to Play With Friends

Image of the player holding a scanner in The Cycle.

Image of the player holding a scanner in The Cycle.

As you may expect from a desolate new world, it's a less stressful adventure once you know how to play with friends in The Cycle. The harsh and futuristic world of The Cycle can be an intimidating one, and this new shooter being set on the planet Fortuna II, billed as the next haven for humans escaping a scorched Earth, is no place to go alone.

In this guide, we'll break down how setting up co-op lobbies works in The Cycle. This involves you adding friends then manually inviting them to participate with you, which is a slightly trickier process than it may sound. No need to worry though, because we've got all the details you need.

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How Do I Play With Friends in The Cycle?

Despite being a fledgling hit, actually playing a match with friends in The Cycle is a surprisingly complex process. That's because you need to manually add friends in-game beforehand, adding another layer of menus to sift through.

Therefore, you can't just randomly add a friend from your Steam or Epic friends lists. Instead, hit tab to bring up the search bar, click on your profile, and go to the Add Friends page.

From there you need to type in a pal's username on The Cycle, before sending them a request. That won't necessarily be the same as their username on clients like Steam or Epic, so make sure you get it right!

Once they're on your friends list, it's nice and easy to invite other players to a game. Simply go to your friends list, select a player, and hit the Invite button. They'll then join your lobby, ready for the next match.

Image of the player shooting a futuristic weapon in The Cycle.
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How Does Multiplayer Work in The Cycle?

You can have up to four players in a lobby at any time in The Cycle. As such, you've got the chance to team up with three other friends to take on the hardcore raids together.

Alongside your friends you can battle other teams of raiders, or the hordes of AI enemies trawling this desolate planet. Nowhere is safe, so you need to stay in constant communication to keep on top of things.

In a game where every battle can be the difference between success or losing all of your loot, it's crucial to have teammates you can trust. Therefore, your chances of victory are heightened when playing with friends.

With harsh loot drops and the guaranteed loss of your inventory when you die, companionship works best.

That's it for our look at how to play The Cycle with friends! It's mercifully not too arduous a process; once you've added people to your friends list, it should be a breeze. While you're here, feel free to also read up on our picks for the best free shooting games.

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