The Cycle - How to Change Name

Image of the player holding a sniper rifle in The Cycle.

If you've already played the post-apocalyptic looter shooter The Cycle but aren't happy with your username, the chances are you may want a change. Doing so isn't totally straightforward, sadly. As such, we're here to explain how to change name in The Cycle, so you can take your profile back to square one.

In this The Cycle guide, we'll explain the name changing process - but for now, it doesn't seem to quite exist in the game. That should change soon though, if pre-release Reddit feedback is anything to go by. Until then though, we've got details on the current state of name changing.

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How Do I Change Name in The Cycle?

At the time of writing, there doesn't seem to be a way to change your name in The Cycle. When browsing the various profile customisation options in the game, there's nothing to suggest you can tweak your username at this time.

In theory, the option to change your name in The Cycle would come up when pressing the Tab key. This brings up the main customisation menu, where you can select which operator to play as, on top of adding friends or joining parties. However, you can see your username in that section, but without the option to alter it.

Therefore, the only conclusion we can currently draw is that a name change just isn't an option yet. Since the game's profile system isn't tied to your Epic Games or Steam accounts, you can't alter your display name to one of those names, either. As such, all you can do is pick a good one the first time around.

Since The Cycle accounts appear to be proprietary and solely tied to that game, you'll be invited to select a username once you first start it up. If you decide beforehand what you want that name to be, you should be able to assign it without needing to change down the line.

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Will I Ever Be Able To Change Name in The Cycle?

While the option doesn't appear to be there just yet, it seems likely that down the line, YAGER will add the ability to change your name in The Cycle. It's a fairly common mechanic, especially in live service games such as this, so is no doubt on its priority list.

Equally, the chances are the developer is already working on it. A common complaint on Reddit following The Cycle's early access testing was Epic names not displaying properly, as the game was tied to that launcher at the time. Therefore, the utility to change your name on The Cycle is no doubt a priority, so let's hope we hear something soon.

Once there are more details on how to change your name in The Cycle, we'll update this guide to provide you the best way to go about it. Until then, feel free to read up on how to play with friends in The Cycle, to take on this dystopian shooter with some familiar faces.

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