Super Smash Bros Ultimate: New "The Better To Hear You With Event"

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate is constantly adding to new characters to the game.

Not long ago we saw the legendary Steve from Minecraft make an appearance.


Now we get to look forward to a new event which brings rabbits, cats and more to the spirit board.

Let's take a look at the announcement!

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The Better To Hear You With Event

Recently Twitter account NintendoUKVS posted the announcement of a new event coming to Smash Bros Ultimate.


The image shows six characters all with a variety of different ears, all the better to hear you with.

Well, that's the name of the event!

In the three-day Super Smash Bros. Ultimate event "The Better to Hear You With", starting on Friday, spirits gifted with larger ears than most are coming to the Spirit Board en masse!
— Nintendo UK VS (@NintendoUKVS)
October 14, 2020

This event will start on the 16th of October and take place all weekend long.


In other Super Smash Bros Ultimate news, we could see some netcode improvements coming to the game.

The news comes from the director of Tekken 7.

They revealed on a recent stream that Masahiro Sakurai was showing an interested in the potential online upgrades.

Find out more about that topic here.


You can find the games latest patch notes here too.