How Many Characters Does Smash Ultimate Have?

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is often viewed as the most ambitious crossover event in history (remember that spicy meme?), at least in gaming, and you can’t really blame anyone for saying that.

The game started with a base roster of a whopping 74 fighters, which was technically 76 if you consider Pokemon Trainer to be three different characters in one, though you have to unlock most of them.

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How Many Characters Does Smash Ultimate Have?

Nintendo decided to get crazy by adding even more characters via DLC whether they be from third-party games (Joker from Persona) or their first-party properties (Pyra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2).

When you count the Smash Ultimate base roster with Piranha Plant, Fighters Pass Vol. 1 (five characters), and Fighters Pass Vol. 2 (six characters) you get a whopping 86 characters overall.

In terms of technicalities, you can consider Pokemon Trainer to be three characters and Pyra/Mythra to be two characters for a total of 89 characters in the whole game.

That is a lot of smashing.

If you had to criticize the Smash Ultimate roster in any way, it’s probably the overabundance of sword-wielding anime characters, with the addition of Pyra and Mythra not helping things in that matter.

There’s also the lack of Waluigi in the game but we aren’t touching that subject with an Alolan Exxegutor.

All these characters, not to mention the crazy eight-player multiplayer and some solid fighting mechanics makes Super Smash Bros. Ultimate one of the best games to play with friends.

You could argue that Nintendo licensing all these characters for their signature fighting game is just the company flexing how much clout they have but there’s no hating that with results like this.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is now available on the Nintendo Switch, along with all of the DLC characters in Fighters Pass 1 and four of the six characters in Fighters Pass 2.

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