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Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Fighter 10 Leaks: Release Date, Rumours, Trailers and More

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate's second Fighter Pass is really taking shape.


We've had Min Min, Steve and Alex from Minecraft, Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7 and now Pyra and Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. But the Smash Bros community is a hungry one, and they'll no doubt be wondering what could be included in Challenger Pack 10.

Here's all we know so far.

Challenger Pack 10 Leaks and Rumours

We've heard all the rumours – will it be Crash Bandicoot? Will it be Jonesy from Fortnite? We'll sift through what we find here, so be sure to check back.

No More Pokemon? – March 5

The latest rumour is that Fighter Pass Vol. 2 will not include another Pokemon.

We've already got the likes of Pikachu, Pichu, Lucario, Mewtwo and Pokemon trainer in the game, but fans have started suggesting that we won't see any more Pocket Monsters after a new Smash Ultimate tournament, the Great Pokemon Brawl was announced.

If you'd been holding out for a new Pokemon, there's still some good news – you can look forward to the Diamond and Pearl remakes, as well as the open-world action-RPG Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Twitter Leaks 


Twitter user @____Archer_ may have just leaked more information on the new character coming to Smash Bros.

He states that the next DLC fighter will be Dante and Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption 2

Although this seems like an odd addition, it would be great to see this iconic character fighting against our favourite video game stars. 

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The leaker has previously correctly predicted some of the content releases in Smash Bros meaning he has some credibility in what he says. 

Challenger Pack 10 Release Date

We're expecting this fighter to launch sometime in April or May, as there seems to be a two-month gap between releases at present.

We know that the next two characters are expected before the end of 2021, and while the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic could see that slip, Nintendo has done a good job at maintaining a regular three-to-four month release cadence.

Min Min launched in June 2020, Steve in October, and Sephiroth in December.

Most recently, Pyra and Mythra arrived in March, suggesting the next DLC character could arrive in June.

Challenger Pack 10 Trailer

No trailer yet, folks, but we'll update this when we know more.

Challenger Pack 10 Contents

Alongside the new fighter, expect a new stage and a selection of Mii Fighter costumes.

Previous outfits have included crossovers with the likes of Tekken, Monster Hunter, and Assassin's Creed.

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