Subnautica Below Zero: Table Coral Location

Though incongruous at the start, Table Coral ends up being a vital component of Subnautica Below Zero, used to create Computer Chips and other valuable components as part of the crafting system. They’re not easily located though, so we’ve laid out this guide on where to find Table Coral and its locations throughout the game.

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Table Coral Location in Subnautica Below Zero

Table Coral can be located in a few biomes across Subnautica Below Zero, but it’s most commonly found in the Twisty Bridges roughly 200 meters South of the starting Drop Pod. Table Coral appears as colourful curves of rounded coral, sticking like shelves from various vertical surfaces. They tend to stick out, usually a rich, slightly glowing red, but can also be purple, blue and green besides. There’s no difference between the colours, so feel free to collect whatever ones you like, they all play the same way.

Subnautica Below Zero Table Coral
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Speaking of which, you can collect the vital Table Coral Sample used for crafting by striking the Coral Table with a knife or Thermoblade. It’ll destroy the Coral and leave a Sample for the player to pick up.

Where to Find Table Coral

Table Coral can be found in the Twisty Bridges South of the Drop Pod, but also in the Lilypad Islands to the East and Southeast of Delta Island. Of course, this latter option is a long way to go for early players, and it’s far better to take the option that’s closer when it makes no difference.

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