Subnautica Below Zero: How to Find the Mercury 2 and Parallel Processing Unit Fragments Location

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As you explore Subnautica Below Zero, you’ll eventually realise you need to find the fragments of the Parallel Processing Unit, found in the hidden shipwreck of the Mercury 2. However, the Mercury is nowhere to be found, and exploring the world with no sense of direction is a good way to get chomped by a wandering leviathan. We’ll show you how to find the Mercury 2 and the Parallel Processing Unit fragments’ location in our guide below.

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How to Find the Mercury 2 and Parallel Processing Unit Fragments in Subnautica Below Zero

Players can find the Mercury 2 shipwreck (written in the game as Mercury II) in Subnautica Below Zero by heading South-East from the starting area, but the specifics are a little complicated, as the Mercury is actually broken into three separate pieces spread apart from each other - the bow, the stern and a broken section of the thrusters. These are all in different areas, but not too far; you can reach them all in a single journey if you know the right route and have some means of faster travel. We’ll outline that below.

Mercury 2 Coordinates

For those playing on PC who can check their coordinates at any point with the F1 button, we’ve laid out the coordinates of all three pieces of the Mercury 2’s shipwreck. This’ll make it much easier to find the pieces for you:

  • Mercury 2 Stern (back section): 75, -40, -888
  • Mercury 2 Bow (front section): 270, -217, -1334
  • Mercury 2 Thruster (broken wreckage): 474, 051, -630

How to Get to the Mercury 2 Safely

The Mercury 2’s three pieces are obvious once you’re close to them - they’re massive structures bigger than almost anything else in the game. However, with a lot of ground to cover, here’s how you can get to them, and the order we recommend going in. Take the fastest underwater vehicle you have, a Scanner, and a Laser Cutter (you’ll need this to get in).

Mercury 2 Stern (Back Section) Location

The Stern section can be found where the Purple Vents and Tree Spires intersect. To reach it, head South from the Starting Drop Pod until you see Delta Island, then head Southeast from the Island itself a couple of hundred meters to see the shipwreck.


Once you’re here, the Parallel Processing Unit fragment can be found by heading to the engine section and using the Laser Cutter to get inside and reach it.

Subnautica Below Zero Mercury 2 Parallel processing unit fragments
The Lilypads mark the locations of two seperate sections.

Mercury 2 Bow (Front Section) Location

To reach the Bow, head South-by-Southeast from the Stern for about 400 meters into the Lilypad Islands biome until you see it. This section is deeper down, roughly 250 meters or so, so be prepared to dive.


To get the Parallel Processing Unit fragment, go into the hallway through the hole in the top of the wreck, and use the Laser Cutter to open the sealed door. Head into the bridge through there; a room with a huge window. The fragment is waiting for you.

Mercury 2 Thruster Location

The final, smallest section of the Mercury is back the way you came somewhat. Head directly North from the Bow through the Lilypad Islands until you reach the Purple Vents biome, about 400-500 meters distance. From there, head Northwest and hug the border of the two biomes for about 200-300 meters, depending on your angle. Be wary - there’s a few Cryptosuchus predators hanging around, so try and sneak past them.

The final Parallel Processing Unit fragment is found by entering the wreckage through the obvious hole and using the Laser Cutter to open up the sealed door. With that, you can head back to your Drop Pod, which should be about 1000 meters to the Northwest at this point, making for a perfect round trip.


How to Get the Parallel Processing Unit

Now you’ve scanned three fragments, you can craft the Parallel Processing Unit in any Fabricator with a piece of Gold, Silver and Table Coral combined. Though useless itself, it functions as a piece of the Test Override Module, which is necessary to progress the story.

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