Subnautica Below Zero: Magnetite Locations

Magnetite is a major resource in Subnautica Below Zero, used to create and craft numerous useful items and equipment pieces to help you survive the icy environment. We’ll show you here how to get and find Magnetites’ location.

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How to Get Magnetite in Subnautica Below Zero

You can find Magnetite in Subnautica Below Zero in most biomes, though it’s random and in most locations the odds of finding it are pretty poor. Considering that’s the case, we’ve laid out all the best Magnetite locations and ways to get it just below, though bear in mind that some of them are easier to access than others.

Magnetite Locations

  • Given to you at random by Sea Monkeys
  • Via Ore Veins found in certain mid-to-late game areas by using a Propulsion Cannon (you’ll be able to see
  • In the Deep Lily Caves (explained momentarily)

Where to Find the Deep Lily Caves

The Deep Lily Caves tend to have a lot of loose Magnetite and Ore Veins. You can find them by heading Southeast from the starting pod for roughly 1000-1500 meters, passing over the purple vents along the way. Eventually you’ll reach a large area tinted green, with numerous floating rocks in the water with lily pads reaching up from them. At the very centre of this area is a huge underwater island held up by dozens of lilies, underneath which is a chasm leading to a new area. Head down here to find the Deep Lily Caves, though be wary that you’ll be going over 300 meters deep and will need to plan accordingly. Magnetite spawns randomly in this area, so keep searching and eventually you’ll find it.

Magnetite is used for a bunch of late-game recipes, but one of the coolest is the Snowfox hoverbike, which you can learn how to craft here. Or check out how to get to the hidden area full of useful items, Outpost Zero, right here!

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