What Street Fighter 6 Needs To Learn From Street Fighter 5

With Street Fighter 5 still getting some DLC this year, it’s fair to say that we’re gonna wait a while before Street Fighter 6 but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate on what this game should have whenever it finally comes out.

Though Street Fighter 5 improved a lot thanks to multiple updates that have made the battle system more fun, not to mention more interesting characters, there’s a lot of things the game shouldn’t have done, particularly during its launch period.

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What Street Fighter 6 Needs To Learn From Street Fighter 5

So, without further ado, here are some things Street Fighter 6 can learn from Street Fighter 5.

Launch With Single-Player Modes

How Capcom was convinced to launch Street Fighter 5 without an Arcade and Story Mode continues to baffle fighting game fans to this day.

While the Street Fighter 5 Story Mode didn’t take too long to come out, fans had to wait a whole year to get Arcade Mode in the game.

To be fair, it was an excellent Arcade Mode that felt unique but waiting a whole year for that was a dumb move.

Simply put, launch the game with single-player modes or delay the game until those modes are ready.

Launch With More Modes In General

Seriously, when Street Fighter 5 first launched, the game barely had any content for players to go through.

Practice, Versus, and Survival were the only modes of duking it out against the AI while the online still needed work, making for a bare-bones experience.

These days, Street Fighter 5 has a ton of modes to play through like the aforementioned Arcade Mode, Team Battle Mode, and so much more, so Capcom needs to launch this game with stuff to do.

Don’t Lock Everything Behind A Paywall

Capcom really hyped up the fact that Street Fighter 5 was going to be a live-service game and they even flaunted the fact that players could earn currency to unlock DLC characters and new stages.

To be fair, not having to pay real-life money for DLC characters is a great feature, in theory, but Capcom made them so expensive that it would require a lot of grinding to get them, with most fans deciding to buy the Season Pass so they wouldn’t have to wait.

They should either make content like New Stages and Costumes a bit cheaper or just release them as paid DLC, either way, fighting game fans don’t like getting their time wasted.

Go Crazy With Combos

Apparently, there were a lot of changes made to the Street Fighter V battle system during the beta and the final release, which resulted in the game being more like a classic Street Fighter title rather than a crazy fighter.

While we understand why they wouldn’t want to make this like Marvel vs Capcom (sort of), the fact of the matter is, fans preferred it when the game let you do some crazy combos and that wouldn’t be possible until much later when more updates were released.

Now, it’s a very fun game where you can unleash some cool stuff but maybe keep it that way from the beginning since it worked for GranBlue Fantasy Versus, which is also a fighting game that’s not crazy like Marvel vs Capcom.

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